Understanding Pearl Color:

The color of the pearl is an important factor when grading a pearl. The pearl has overtone and body color. The pearl comes in a variety of colors from white to black. The pearl comes from a living creature this contributes to the unique way the color of the pearl develops

Body color:

The body color is the main color of the pearl. White, silver, gold, blue, green, cream, and even black. The body color is determined by the type of oyster or mollusk that the pearl came from, the condition of the waters, and sometimes the object that was put in the oyster can all have an effect on the outcome of the pearl color. Certain oysters produce pearls of a certain color.

Over Tones:

Overtones are the translucent color over the top of the body color. These overtones alter the color of the pearl somewhat. The overtone will also add depth, and glow to the pearl.


Means the iridescent colors witch glitter, the layers of nacre (mother of pearl) reflect the light through the many layers of nacre.

Many pearls are color treated this is used often with fresh water, Akoya, and sometimes Tahitian pearls. The color is infused by a treatment known as dying, putting the pearls to irradiation. You can find out if a pearl is treated by looking down the drill hole you will be looking for concentrations of color which indicate the presence of dye.

Naturally black Akoya and freshwater pearls do not exist. If black pearls are offered of this variety they are always color treated.

For anyone who is looking for a classic, and elegant piece of jewelry pearls are a must-have jewelry stable that every woman should have at least one stand in her jewelry collection.


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