I thought maybe just maybe we had gotten rid of the low life Gold Party operators and before you all jump all over me Not all are bad, but reading a comment from Kathy here on the blog I was shocked to hear that there are still some very bad Gold Party operators out there. Here is what she had to say..

I, for one, appreciate your articles on the gold parties! I actually just got back from one at my neighbors house earlier today and I have to agree with you…what a rip off! I have some gold that I have been wanting to sell so I had done some research prior to today. I know what the best price I can get right now and wanted to compare it to what they would offer. So I was expecting them to give me a price per gram or other similar basis, but they wouldn’t even tell me when I asked. They gave me lame excuses & when I pushed the issue they got irritable and told me they would tell me later. After that is when I left and found your article and convinced me to leave my items in my purse! You saved me a lot of money! Thank you!

They had to make out like bandits because everyone there (about 15 or so people) brought in a lot of gold. And they never once told anyone a price per troy ounce, gram, or pennyweight,etc. They wouldn’t even tell people what their gold had weighed! When I asked some of the ladies they all said they didn’t know & weren’t told! There had to be at least 10 oz of gold brought in (a huge amount at todays prices!) and they only gave out about $4000 including the 10% to the party holder & the 5% to the person who referred them to the gold party.

I found a couple of reputable jewelers and an online gold purchaser(yes, an actual reputable one), that I may be using instead. So glad I listed to my little voice & left and found your article!

This has to be one of the worst I have heard about to think that they would not even tell them how much their gold weighed..  There are several post I have put up here to protect yourself from such Gold Party operators..  There are several things you can do before you go to a gold party to protect yourself.. When and if you go to a gold party never sell before you find out how much your jewelry weighs and how much they are taking it for.. The link above gives you some steps that might help you before you are going to sell your gold either at a jewelry store or a gold party.. I know I will be getting many of you telling me all about how good you are and how horrible I am for saying gold parties are bad.. All I can say is clean up the bad ones before you go after me I am not the problem in your line of business the ones that are doing these things are the problem. Go after them find them and fight against them, your fight is not with me. Read the story of what happened to Kathy and then tell me that I am the problem it is disgraceful what is still going on in this industry after three (3) years and still you find this kind of crap. That goes for Jewelry stores too when there is one bad one it makes us all look bad. When there is one bad Gold Party operator it gives all of you a bad rep..

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