21 Karat Jewelry

All New Designs At N.J. Diamonds we are always getting the latest 21 karat gold jewelry designs. 21 karat gold bangles, bracelets, charms, coin frames, earrings and 21 karat gold rings. We have a large selection of 21 karat gold wedding bands the latest styles. We welcome all our customers from out of state and… Read More

Custom Design Name Necklace.

Are you looking to have a ‘Custom design Name’ made for yourself or someone special? Our custom designed Names are hand-cut you can have your custom-designed name made in 14, 18 or 21 karat gold they can be done in Arabic or English any design you decide on we can do. We have no samples… Read More

New 21 Karat Gold | Bangles Braclets

Are you looking for a set of 21 karat gold bangle bracelets? We carry a large variety of bangles sets of three and six. We normally don’t carry more than one of the same style at any time. Bangle bracelets do come in different sizes large to small even extra small. We do have while supplies last infant bangle… Read More