Two Tone Diamond Engagement Ring.

This stunning diamond engagement ring is done in white and yellow 14 karat gold. The ring has a princess cut diamond center stone with accent stone surrounding the diamond on the top in a halo style. At N.J. Diamonds we make sure to work within the budget you set for your diamond engagement ring. We’ve… Read More

21 Karat Sets…

21 Karat gold sets New at N.J. Diamonds Dearborn, Michigan. Shown here are two of our three-piece sets. The first set has earrings, necklace, and a matching ring. The second set all so has three pieces including earrings, necklace, and bracelet. Come in today and shop our extensive collection of 21 karat gold jewelry.  

Who Are We?

Diamonds opened its doors in 1996 family owned and operated jewelry store in Dearborn, MI serving the greater Detroit Metro area. We’ve been committed from the opening of our store to offer the fairest prices serving each client that walks through our doors with honesty and respect.   Shopping for a diamond engagement ring in… Read More

How do we buy gold?

How do we buy gold when you want to sell. Well first we separate your gold into different karats. This simple means separating by 10,14,18,21 karat or gold content. If your jewelry has synthetic stones the weight of these stones  deducted. Your jewelry that is now separated put on a scale in front of you… Read More