Save Money Know The Difference

VVS or VS you need to know the difference Knowing the difference between a VVS and VS diamond can save you a significant amount of money. According to the GIA Gemologist Institute of America. Both a VVS diamond and a VS diamond will have clarity features that in almost all cases cannot be seen with… Read More

We Service Your Diamond Engagement Ring 💍 For Life For Free!

When you are looking for the perfect diamond jewelry store to buy your diamond engagement ring look no further then N.J. Diamonds. A Dearborn Jeweler|in Dearborn. Over twenty years of experience, GIA GG, GIA Certified Diamonds. In-Store jewelry repairs. Very large selection of unique and traditional diamond engagement rings. When you are shopping for the… Read More

Yellow Diamond Jewelry.

Natural Yellow Diamond halo style diamond engagement ring and a yellow diamond bracelet with natural yellow princess cut diamonds. Both are on 14 karat white gold with round white diamonds as accent stones. Stunning diamond pieces that are sure to make a statement for whom ever is going to wear them. N.J. Diamonds located in… Read More

Understanding The Difference In Lab Grades Can Save You Money.

If you don’t understand the reputation of the lab you might end up paying more for your diamond. We’ve said this for years it makes it very hard to sell a GIA graded stone that is a True SI1 H color lets say compared with an EGL certified stone that is graded the same but… Read More

Halo Style|Diamond Engagement Ring.

Halo style Diamond Engagement ring with a Round brilliant diamond 1.01ct SI2 D color certified this ring sold for$7,500.00 You can have your halo style diamond engagement ring with any shape diamond center stone. We’ve done halo styles for princess diamond center stone, pear shape diamond, round, emerald shape diamond and even a trillion diamond center… Read More